Has anyone heard if is out yet? Hoping to do the upgrade before Insights.


SaaS users are up this week or next and they precede the GA.

Mark W.

SaaS went live this weekend. GA tbd based on review of how things are running. That’s pretty much the standard process.

We are currently running (DT)


DT stand for?

Dedicated Tenant, We are DT users too but couldn’t upgrade this weekend because it’s in the middle of our quarter reporting.

Mark W.

(whoops, too quick on the send key). DT users can “opt out” ONCE, unlike the Multi-Tenant SaaS users. We’re going live on 10.2.200 in June.

Mark W.

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Gothcha. We host our own but are a small company, so manageable.

Dave Dortman

That is good to know. We are a Multi tenant customer. There are always small issues on the upgrades.

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