2019 Black Friday Sales for Techies

I’m starting a thread for those who want to share good deals.

My first offering is PluralSight. If you want to learn things on your own time, they are running a pretty good sale for new users or for Pro (normally $299 USD now $179) users to get Premium (normally $449 USD now $269). https://www.pluralsight.com/

Does the industry have any respect for pluralsight (is it something you would put on your resume) or is it just for teaching yourself?

It’s not a certification service. I guess you could tell people that you took the courses and etc but it’s more for studying for those certs and for life-long learning people. No different than Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, etc. Some of Microsoft Learn courses are actually Pluralsight.

Cool, just curious. I feel like I have programming skills, but without a degree I don’t really feel comfortable looking for jobs in that area. I guess I could contribute to open source projects or something.

Honestly, I don’t think colleges teach good programming techniques. I think college can be valuable but I think the emphasis isn’t always suitable for production coding work. Microsoft and Google have not required degrees recently. But Pluralsight (and others) teach Domain Driven Development, software testing, etc. Want to learn Angular and TypeScript for Kinetic, online learning is a good way to go if you are comfortable with self-paced instruction.


Pluralsight is great, some of the Authors like Julie Lerman who writes Entity Framework Books does Courses there. I think its great, better compared to Lynda/LinkedIn Learning.

But if you want more IT and Networking perhaps the best option I found for that was https://www.cbtnuggets.com/

Another one I used to like was Safari Books, it allowed you to easily search 1000s of Books… now its called https://learning.oreilly.com/register/ I wonder if they have a sale, the ability to search the contents of 1000 books for C#, .NET is awesome.


I just received an email from oreilly at lunch giving 1/2 off the annual subscription for the first year ($199 / $399). Offer good thru 11:59PM Dec 2nd

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For fans of the Pragmatic Programmer

The actual book “Pragmatic Programmer” is awesome BTW.

Apress is also having a Cyber Monday Deal. All digital books are $7.