2021.1.3 Job Traveler Error - Help Needed

We are doing testing in our pilot system which was recently moved 2021.1.3. When printing job travelers we get the following error:

It looks like it’s an issue with a calculated column which I believe was on the original SSRS report in 10.2.700.12. I have also been trying to use the function Analyze and Include RDD within Report Style Maintenance but I get an error there as well:

Any recommendations on getting past these errors in preparation for next week’s go live?

We tested it in 2021.1.2, let me test it in .3 and see if something suddenly changed.
Are you talking about the Standard Report Style?

PS: Print Inventory Attributes flag?

Looks like it is working fine here.


Hey, thanks for the response! The report in question is a custom report, but the calculated field listed isn’t one I made so I am unsure what it actually represents.

I think @JeffLeBert worked on SSRS Analyzer, maybe he has more intel.


I do however see the first screenshot, you may need to remove that column it may no longer exist.

First would make sure the Standard SSRS runs correctly. Then as mentioned in Custom you’d need to find out where the reference to that field is and perhaps determine whether to disposition it.

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I haven’t worked in this area for a long time. The functionality is new to me. Sorry.

@hasokeric is correct. It looks like that calculated column no longer exists. You need to remove it from your custom report. The SSRS errors usually only show you the first issue. You may fix this and just be confronted with the next issue. A little annoying, but it shouldn’t take too long to fix.

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Found out that there is a new required table:

And the calculated field is necessary for several tables within the data set:

@josecgomez have you already worked around this? Im looking at rebuilding my rdd’s and SSRS reports.

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Sorry bud I draw my line at SSRS nope nope nope

So you dont customize your ssrs reports?

The calculated attributes field caused the same issue in a few reports. I just copied any instance of it I found in the base data definition and paste inserted into my custom data defs. Don’t know if they’ll function as usable fields, but it got me paste the error.

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Me personally no I sucker/beg someone else into it @bderuvo :joy: or @amaragni



Oh sure @josecgomez keep sending the ssrs my way!!!

I will look at this over the weekend, looks like the part attribute fields.


I had the same issue with our fairly customized JobTrav RDD/RDL. I found that the base RDD worked fine. I opened a case and was told that I needed to re-customize from the base JobTrav RDD. For me this meant adding back some tables, relationships and unexcluding a few columns. A pain for sure, but only ~30 minutes later the report was working again.

There is also a new tool in the Report Style form to check your custom SSRS templates for missing fields. It’s under Actions (forget what it’s called). I assume it compares your data source queries with the RDD. I ran my templates through the tool and none produced any errors.

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I thought I would add my two cents in hopes of saving time for others.

After verifying everything related to my custom job travelers (and getting no help from Epicor support big smile) I found the following things were needed to get my reports running again.

In the RDD, you will need to add a new report label.
Label Name = LAttributeSet
Label Value = LatrributeSet

You also have to add a calculated field:
Name: AttributeSetShortDescription
Label: AttributeSetShortDescription
Data Type: Character
Format: x(50)

to the following tables:

After saving, sometimes I ran my report and it worked as it was prior to Kinetic.
Other times I had to download the report and add the report label to the RptLabels dataset within report builder as well as the calculated fields to the table dataset query. Also had to add dataset fields accordingly.

This forum has been a great help so if I can explain this any better please ask away.


2nd this. If it’s anything like 10.2.700 I had to create 100s of calculated fields, literals, and relationships for no reason other than an error said they were missing after upgrading. In one case I never did get it to work but re-creating the RDD step by painful step got me there. The “key value cannot be null” error turned out to mean a missing table. I still don’t understand why upgrading changed my custom RDDs so much, with taiwan-specific literals putting me over the field limit when we don’t even use Canadian CSF let alone Taiwan. That sort of thing.

I don’t hate ssrs but like service connect it’s way too expert-only for me to like it. I’d love to see someone publish a troubleshooting guide - between Nathan Anderson and Emanuel Corpus Epicor definitely has the internal expertise to write the book.

and I think you just solved one last will-not-die issue for me! I’ll check in the morning.

Steve, Add that to Ideas & I’ll vote for it.

Done, vote for meeee!



Done & added a comment:

Epicor - This is very needed! With the Kinetic 2021, all of our custom reports will need to be updated, and Epicor’s upgrade process does not handle custom report well. This will allow us to stay current much easier (and more frequently), if the upgrade process is smoother.

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Have also voted.

Totally agree SSRS just seems really hard work in comparison to Crystal.

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