9.05.702A to 10.1.400.20 Data Refresh

I recently started a new company that’s 80% of the way through a migration from 9.05 to 10.1. They have a live database in 10.1 that has all the menus, functioning BPMs, BAQs, customizations, etc. My task is to get the Pilot database refreshed with more current data from our 9.05 environment.
Is there a good way I can refresh the data without doing a full migration, upgrading that database, importing all the customizations, menus, BPM’s, etc.?

I would use Solution Manager to export all the items (menus, functioning
BPMs, BAQs, customizations, etc.) from the ‘live’ db, migrate a new copy of
the 9.05 db and then import the exported items into the new Pilot db.


Norman Hutchins
System Administrator
Howell Laboratories, Inc.