A/R credit memo application

My A/R person is asking about credit memo application procedures. The
Vantage 3.0 help screen for the ref invoice number field on a credit memo
says that credit memo can be applied directly in cash receipts. Her question
is if we have invoice 123 and credit memo 456cm, how do we apply 456cm
against 123 in the cash receipt screen? And will it then show on the group
edit list? We current use the apply credit memo function. I am told that she
can not reference the customer check number that the credit is being taken
on. And that the only place the transaction appears is on a G/L
distributions report. She also does not like the fact that she has to back
out of cash receipts and go into apply credit memo function. Does anybody
have a Crystal report for customer statements that shows adjusted balance
due per invoice? We would like the amount shown on the statement to actually
reflect what is still open and due. (partial payments)

Dan Shallbetter
States Electric Mfg.