Can you reverse an applied credit memo?

I’m not an accounting person, but our staff is asking if they can reverse an applied credit memo?

Any accounting gurus that can help?


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Hello Dave, did you ever get an answer for this? We need to reverse an applied credit memo, also.

No, still working on. Keep in touch if either one of us finds a way!

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Yes, I will, thank you.

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Dave or anyone else…
I have a client that is asking the same question. Did you ever figure out the correct procedure?
Here is my client’s scenario:

  1. Ran a Cash Receipt as an Unapplied Deposit to the Customers Account.
  2. Applied that deposit to an invoice (via Apply Document as a Credit Memo)
  3. Later that day they rec’d a check for the invoice, which means they applied the deposit to the wrong invoice.
    They need to unapply the invoice payment and get it back on the customer’s account for another invoice in the future.

In Cash Receipt Entry I saw a Debit Note option, and read a bit about it, but like you, Epicor Financial Module is not my specialty and I don’t know the proper way to reverse this.


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Has there been any resolutions posted for this issue? I have the same situation :frowning: