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Is there an easy way (short of developing a custom theme) to make all the fonts bigger? It doesn’t matter whether the font is actually a bigger size or if the system is displaying the current size at a zoom greater than 100%. We have several people who are struggling to read what’s on the screen.

I have not seen a Zoom button anywhere. I did go through the personalization course, but it seems like we would have to format every element individually.

Thanks for whatever thoughts you may have…

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Perhaps a little crude, but changing the system font scaling would do the trick.

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Thanks. How/where do I do that? and is it a per-user thing or would it affect all users?

I believe its a per user setting on a specific workstation.

Windows 7:

Windows 10:

Thanks. I thought it was something Epicor-specific. Will give it a shot.

What’s the issue where you want all users systems effected?

I don’t . Just wanted to ensure that this would not affect all users.

Ah, understood. There is a thread around here about Epicor on UHD (4K) screens, where it doesn’t scale too well. The laptop in question for that thread was the Surface Pro but it seems to be any system with a 4K monitor. If that was your issue I’d dig up the thread for you.

Windows updates have seemed to fix that issue. I got an update on my surface right before insights that broke the fix I had in place (a regedit), but then the checkbox for the scaling worked like I think it should have from the beginning. I like things small because I can read small things and want more information. Going the other way to make things bigger with font scaling works ok but can be kind of funky I think, things don’t resize with the scaling very well.

Have you tried just turning the resolution down on the screens?

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Didn’t think of that very obvious suggestion. Thanks. User in question is remote and not at all computer savvy. So I have to send someone over there to do whatever needs to be done.


Adjusting the resolution down defeats the purpose of a 4K monitor, but yes, I’ve done that when needed. We have multiple users with SurfacePro 4’s and some want bigger test to make it easy to read. I too usually prefer more screen to display more data and deal with smaller text but everyone is different.

As it turns out, because we are running Epicor via Citrix, local machine changes do not affect the Epicor display. So I think I am back to some sort of personalization for this particular user (and there may be others). Sigh.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Hello all,

I realize this is an old thread, but I have been asked this repeatedly by users in the company I work for. The best solution I have found is to change the screen resolution on the server that is running the software. I log in as the user who wants the change, change the screen resolution, then their Epicor is larger. However, most of our screen customizations / out of the box forms seem to have issues when not scaled at 100%. Boxes will overlap, font won’t fit, etc… So it doesn’t seem like the best solution, but I haven’t seen one offered from Epicor yet.

Jon Craft

I’m new to Epicor but in my version 10.2.600.11 there seems to be the Infragistics themes editor in Runtime where you can select the Role for Base and then adjust the Font characteristics. Probably suggest doing this from a selected theme and then saving as a new user theme. I suppose it could also be made into a system theme. It seemed very easy to do. Just asked to take a look at it yesterday, so that led me here. Hope this might help others who land here.

I’ve just posted an Epicor idea for this! Please take a moment to vote for this solution. There was an enhancement for this requested in the old Epicor Support system which was migrated to EpicCare 2016-12-15. It’s listed as a future enhancement but we’re starting year 5 of not having an accessibility feature available for our users right out of the box.


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Hi Megan,

I think accessibility will come with Kinetic since it uses responsive design. I don’t expect the old WinForms client to get an effort like this though.

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I hope that’s the case! I just got off the phone from an Epicor Support call and it wasn’t mentioned. I was directed to Epicor Ideas instead. :woman_shrugging:

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I just voted on this one, we really need this feature for our staff.

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