Accounting implementation help

Hi All,

I was wondering if you knew of anyone looking for a job in a Vantage
implementation. It would be to take on the accounting portion. We
have a good strong team now and are short on some strong help in
Accounting. Someone to drive that portion of this and be an integral
member of our organization as an accounting manager or more. I am
looking for someone who is comfortable and familiar with Vantage
implementation, ideally...or at least ERP implementation in some
shape or form.

We are getting close to completing the first round of data conversion
and have a project in the works. We are going from Dataflo to
Vantage 8.

We are a 31 year capital equipment manufacturing company. Our
facility is located in Minneapolis, MN. This will be a full time
position with long term opportunities in an ESOP company. You can
read more about us @

You can contact me on or off line. Off line at

Ross Hughes