Accounts payable (Payment Entry module) not allowing us to select a Bank on the "Bank" tab (9.05.701)

Our accounting department ran into the following issue: In Accounts Payable > Payment Entry> we have a group created and when we go to the Bank tab we need to select bank “Z” rather than bank “X”, however, everything is grayed out and we are not allowed to select.

Is there a configuration that needs to be adjusted? I put a call into Epicor, but have received no response and the person I spoke with was not able to figure it out.

Anyone else ever run across this issue?

Thanks in advance!


Under Payment Methods - is it checked for AP Check?

Good morning Cathy,
Thanks for the response. I called Epicor again and was able to schedule a webex. We found that this was actually a “bug” in version 9 and fixed in 10. They supplied us with a couple of work arounds that we will have to use until we can upgrade to 10.