Action to unfirm an OrderRel after jobs created or human error?

We’ve had problems recently due to orders being unfirmed, but the odd thing is we had jobs(meaning it was firmed at some point). It’s happened multiple times this week, so we are starting to dig into what’s going on. The problem is everyone is saying they didn’t do it, and we don’t have a changelog…

Is there some action someone can take that as a side effect of unfirming an order?

sounds like human error…

  1. if a sales release has a DATE and is FIRM, then MRP will create jobs
  2. if someone later unfirms the release, MRP’s job will still exist
  • if someone firms the JOB then it will stay until someone gets rid of it.
  • if MRP runs again before the job is firmed, then MRP will automatically clean up the job (remove it).

Recommendation: If this confusion continues, turn on change logs on this table, and log changes to Schedule Ship Date, and Firm fields of OrderRel. Do the same for JobHead, traking CHANGES to JobHead Firm, & Released fields (Make sure that you ONLY track changes to JobHead if the job is firm… otherwise MRP will track LOTS of changes to UNFIRM jobs which is not good).

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Epicor tech support just informed me the Changelogs only log changes explicitly made by a user.

This seems like a huge hole in the changelogs, in that the data could be changed by a bpm, customization, etc and there will be no traceability in the changelogs… That seems like a major shortcoming of the Changelogs(I’d think this would be a legal problem for a publicly traded company as they don’t have true transparency/traceability)…?

This is NOT true… MRP will create change logs. change logs are triggered by anything that modifies data because these are Data BPMs…