ActiveX Control is not registered

We have just moved to v4.0, and even after many months of
warning, the users did not test the new version. So, now it's 'rush
time' to get all the little glitches resolved <sigh>.

1) Most of our workstations are running Win9x, but 2 are running
WinNT4 Workstation (SP6a). On these WinNT workstations, when I
go into something like Job Tracker, I get a message saying:

"Specified ActiveX Control is not registered or the .ocx file was
moved from where it was registered."

This happens on both our WinNT workstations. Even after
removing Vantage 4.0 and re-installing it, the message still remains.

(Oh, by the way. Has anyone else noticed that when you install
Vantage 4.0 on a new workstation, it overwrites the vantage.ini file
on the server? This means, if you modify the vantage.ini file (like,
having to modify the procontrol path if you have any custom
programs installed), you have to re-modify vantage.ini EVERY TIME

Anyway, has anyone found a 'cure' for the ActiveX Control problem?
Thanks in advance!

Malcolm Spann
Malmberg Engineering
(925) 606-6500 x19
(925) 606-6505 FAX