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On the Salvaged Material Receipts screen, I'm trying to pull information from the PartLot table based on the PartTran.Character01 field. In the PartTran.Character01 field, the user will enter in a LotNum and I need to pull information from the PartLot table based on the PartLot.LotNum.

I have not had success at setting up a custom view (could not figure out how to link PartTran.Character01 to PartLot.LotNum). When I base the new view on PartTran, it sets the View Type to Foreign Key View and is disabled. If I could set this to subtable, then I could set up link between the tables.

I've tried custom code using the PartAdapter, but I cannot use the GetData, because I don't know the partnumber (all I know is the LotNum). I also tried the LaunchSearch and setting the SearchOptions.PreLoadSearchFilter to LotNum = 'lotnumber123'. This did not return any records, even when the lotnumber123 exists, I'm guessing it didn't work because the filter must be a field in Part table.

Any suggestions/ideas on how to pull this information from this form would be greatly appreciated.
Where do you locate which table an adapter searches? For example, I
have the OpMasterAdapter and it's looking for a table
called "OpMasterList," but I can't find this table anywhere? Maybe
it's a temporary table?