Add User Pages to Help System

Create the ability for users to add to the help system. Annotations are nice, but not nearly enough. We’d like to add pages, sections, images, external links to other documents so the help system can be a central place to get, well, help! :slight_smile:

We could use it to clarify the steps users take for different tasks. Since they are in Epicor already, it’s a lot more efficient than finding something outside the system (file explorer, intranet, sharepoint), and it would be searchable.

See: Custom help files - #9 by Staci_Stahr_Cummings - ERP 10 - Epicor User Help Forum

@askulte, you should change the category to feature request.


Done! Thanks.

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Yes! I really liked what Microsoft did with It has this feature and a few other niceties

Introducing | Microsoft Learn.

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