Adding DMR Data to Supplier Tracker

I am trying to add a tab to the Supplier Tracker that will display all of the DMR details where the Vendor ID on the DMR equals the Vendor ID chosen in the Supplier Tracker.

I am having difficulty with the FKV and sub table view. Specifically, I am not able to get to the DMRHead table.

I create a FKV with parent view of VendorDetail on the VendorNum field. Then when I try to create a sub table view, the DMR tables are not available to choose from.

Am I missing a step?

Hi Michael,

Any chance you have a vendornum vendorid problem? I have had these messed up before with queries and then realized the problem. It looks like you need to use Vendornum for your FKV tie.


The easiest way to do this and that I’ve done is the past is with an embedded Dashboard.
It’s also much more upgrade compatible than custom code.

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Great suggestion, Rick. I always forget about embedded dashboards.

I have created a DB and added to the screen form, but I am having trouble filtering the dashboard to the supplier?
I am using the “Subscribe to UI data (include Retrieve button)” option to filter the DMRs by supplier number (vendornum), but when I save it, there is no Retrieve button and nothing shows up in the dashboard.

Any thoughts?

That is odd.
I know sometimes after saving the customization you have to close out and open it up in ‘non-customization’ mode. See if it shows up then.
Unless you are missing a step.
What version are you on?

Hi Michael,

This post shows how to setup the browse, to check your steps: Embedded dashboard via Sheet Wizard


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Thanks everyone. I got it working.

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Well I thought i had it working but now all records are showing.

Followed the steps and still no luck.

We are on version

So I got it to work.

Trick was using the Subscribe Auto-Retrieve instead of Subscribe with Retrieve button.

Thanks for all of the help.