Embedded dashboard via Sheet Wizard

I have a Dashboard that displays info about Orders. Currently has no filtering on order number. So every order is displayed.

Added that dashboard to the Order Entry form via Sheet Wizard.

Now how do I get the dashboard to be filtered based on just the current order loaded in Order Entry?

During the Sheet Wizard / Add Dashboard, there is a step to select the view and field (from the form). So I choose OrderHed and OrderNum, and add the subscribe column.

The sheet is added and the dashboard is displayed. But all records are returned.

Obviously there needs to be something that tells the dashboard to only show records matching the form’s current OrderNum. But I see nothing in dashboard developer that references a way to subscribe to the form’s OrderNum.

Yup… this is not very intuitive…

  1. you need to add a filter onto your dashboard… the filter needs to filter the primary index by a “Dashboard Browse”.
  2. in my example below, i created a Dashboard for CUSTOMER… this could then be included in the customer UI…


One more thing (should anyone have this issue too) - You have to add that filter to the dashboard, before adding it in Sheet Wizard/Add Dashboard. I had to remove the Sheet and re-add it for that added filter on the dashboard to take effect in the form.


This is great and helped me immensely with a context menu change.

But for @ckrusen’s specific issue, could you not just use BAQ Markup Language? I have never tried myself, to be honest.

Thank you!! I thought there needed to be a filter somewhere.