Adding Linked Table Description Field - I am missing something here

when adding a description field in a linked table in a RDD is there something special I have to do to be able to query it in the report? I made a copy of the RDD and assigned it to the style, I updated the query in the RDL and added the field but I keep getting this error.

  • Query execution failed for dataset ‘OrderHed’. (rsErrorExecutingCommand)

I tested ones that were already there in this case it’s OrderAck and I can see Customer_Name, Customer_CustID. But if I added something like Address1 no good.

To verify everything is updating the way it should I just removed Name from the description fields and verified it would break the report which it did, then I added it back and the report works again. So I really can’t figure out why it doesn’t like the added picked fields.

I am sure I am just missing a step. Any help would be appreciated!

Hello @sfarrellPVA
Is it possible that you are trying to add in a field from a different table with the existing field of another table, confusing the report as it doesn’t know what to do with two field names the same in the dataset.

In your query use and alias for the second description field like T2.Description [OrderAckDesc] where the T2 refers to the OrderAckTable.


Share the query if you can then we can take a look at it.

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Thank you for following up! I actually figured it out late last night and it was just a silly mistake on my part. Apparently I left the old table guid in the parameter list the last time I made an edit. I guess that’s not a good idea because the second I removed it everything started to work. Lesson learned!

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