Additional Kanban functionality in Vantage

We are new Vantage users, looking to go live Jan 2, 2008 on Vantage

We would like a way of processing true Kanban containers for
purchased parts. We use a 2 container Kanban system. When one
container goes empty, we would like to scan it's serial number.
That would then generate a PO suggestion. The vendor receives the
PO which includes the serail#. That serail# comes back to us on
receipt of parts. When received, the serial# tells us when to put
away the parts (could be multiple locations within a Vantage bin),
and it signals that it is again OK to scan this container when it
goes empty.

So it seems to me that we need additional functionality to: 1)
Populate a new file which contains the serial# and additional usage
information. 2) Create a kanban label or card with a barcode. 3)
Scan the serial# on the card and create a PO suggestion, while
signaling this serial# is on order which prevents a duplicate
order. 4) Send the serial# along with the PO to the vendor. 5)
Receipt of serial number resets signal so process can start over

Is such a thing available in Vantage? Outside of Vantage? Add-on
to Vantage? Could I have someone program this for me? How to I find

Denton Yoder
Bil-Jax, Inc.