Adjusting Production Quantity Reported "Over Reported Quantity"

I had a user in MES accidentally report quantity on a job for 3ea when they should have only reported quantity for 1ea on that job. How do I adjust the quantity reported to be 1ea now?

The job’s operation is setup to be quantity only with a standard of 4hrs of labor standard costed to the job. The job is a make to order job which in our case is a repair job. We have not completed or closed the job, nor shipped the order due to this issue and not knowing how to adjust the quantity completed to be correct with what the technician actually did. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

If it is not posted to GL, you can Recall labour entry from Time and Expense Entry and adjust the quantity.

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I would have them unclock the overage (enter a quantity completed on the op of -2)

Recall the labour entry if it is not posted.
Try “Job adjustment” form to adjust.