Advance Payment Balance is negative

Our AP person ran the “Advance Payment Balance Report” and one of the lines is negative in the last column. Apparently you can do that.

So, uh, anyone know how to fix this? I am pretty naive with AP.

I pieced together that to clear off some balances on the report that are positive, I need to do a debit memo with an advance billing line and reference the PO and line number. That worked, as I see it.

But I go to do the same with this PO and line, and it says, basically, “There is no payment balance, genius!” Well, not a positive one, anyway!


Any thoughts?

Yep, I said I was naive. The answer was obvious to the AP person after we talked it through - “why don’t you do an invoice for that one, since the debit memo won’t let you do a negative?” Right she was. That was a team effort!

Landmine: whereas the debit memo pops in the amount by itself, the invoice (for that negative advance) does not, so we had to type it in by hand in the Ext Amount for the line (NOT the Less Adv Pay amount)