Advanced Print Routing with additional attachments


We have recently purchased the APR module and we’ve got it working so each AR Invoice in a group is emailed to the customer.

That seems to be working great, but we want to be able to attach another external pdf file saved on our server to the email going out to the customer.

Is there a way to do this through APR?


Did you purchase DocStar?


We do not have the DocStar module. Do we need to purchase that module in order to add attachments?

You don’t need DocStar to add attachments in Epicor, but you do need it to easily attach them when printing.

The only alternative I know of is to convert the pdf to an image when it’s attached and store it in a separate database through a BPM. Then the image(s) can be added to the SSRS report.

Metesh, APR is something we want to implement. Specifically exactly what you have implemented. Emailing a invoice copy. Do you have any tips or tricks you learned along the way? Was this something you did internally or did you have a consultant install this?

Here a few resources to get you going
ERP 10 - Emailing Sales Order Acknowledgement through Print Routing

ERP 10 - How the Report Breaking mechinism works in Advanced Print Routing

ERP 10 - Emailing Sales Order to Primary Billing Contact

You’ll need your Epicare Username and password for that information. The other source of information for setting up APR reports is in the Online Help. Do a search for “Advanced Print Routing” or “Case Studies - Advanced Print Routing”

There is a pdf version of the Implementation Users Guide for your specific version on Epicweb in the documentation section. (Epicweb username and password required)

I hope the information helps.


It’s quite straight forward to implement. I followed this video to set ours up.

Thanks, I will take a look at those and let you know how I make out

Metesh, everything worked great thanks for the help in posting items.

Hi Metesh,

Did you figure out how to attach a PDF attachment to an APR report? We too have the product implement without DocStar . We use attachments files and store them to the server file system.

Perhaps this is an SSRS question, attaching files to a report.

Hi Asmar,

Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out how to attach a pdf to the report. I think SSRS may be the way to go. I just haven’t had much time to play around with that.

@asmar - Have you had any luck? We’d like to print our part instructions automatically with our pack slip, but do not have DocStar either. I’m surprised that we’d have to buy yet another module to do it! We already purchased APR…


I have not found any code-based solution. We are waiting on management to approve the purchase of DocStar.

if it makes you feel any better about it, attaching the documents is simple once you have them in docstar.

Make sure your team is attaching documents with a document type in epicor, the attachments in routing are much cleaner this way.


Hi Experts,

Did we get a chance to achieve this without Docstar ? I am In need for a similar solution.

Is there a solution for this which involves Docstar? We already have routing set up to email invoices to customers, and am looking to replicate this for Order Acknowledgements, to send a PDF of T&C’s along with the OrderAck form.

We have Docstar, but probably aren’t using it to its full potential so have a very limited understanding of what it can do.

yes - in the APR editor there will be two widgets for ECM - you can put or get documents in ECM and that will allow you to attach T&C’s stored in ECM to your outbound email.

ECM (Docstar) Print Routing - How to attach a pdf to the company table - ERP 10 - Epicor User Help Forum (

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Perfect, thanks Mike. Will give that a read and see what sense I can make of it!

There are some other posts - that one was very recent but short. if you cannot get it working reach out and we’ll see what we can do!

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