Advanced Search Fulfillment Workbench

Hello, I have created an Advanced Search using a BAQ with just JobHead, and a Dashboard with just a tracker and a grid. I use the “like” as Jobhead.Jobnum, and it works great in Job status Maintenance. But it will not show up in Fulfillment Workbench. Anyone have an idea on how to get it to show up there?

Make sure the BAQ is shared and global.

Thanks for the response Asmar. Sadly it did not fix my problem. Ive tried alot of different options, and i just cannot seem to get any Advanced Search Dashboards to work in Fulfillment Workbench. Has anyone tried this and gotten it to work?

Another area to check is the “BAQ Search” tab. Make sure the Available “Like” key column for the Advance Search you are using is selected.