AFR and XL Connect

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General question below:

Are AFR and XL connect terrible piece of Epicor software? We have both reporting tool but none of them working properly, in the sense every time we have been encountering error while using them and annoying.

In order to fix this reporting tool technical issue, Which is the best financial reporting tool to be used?

I appreciate your thoughts and concerns. I do not know these tools are boon or bane for us.

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I’ve not used AFR but we use XL Connect and I’m not sure if “terrible” is the word I’d use to describe it but it’s definitely not ideal. It’s a complete headache from a technical implementation perspective, but the finance team is used to working with it and seems happy with it.
Check out FastClose as a potential alternative. I did a whole investigation and it’s (for me) more confusing but much better infrastructure and drill down capability

No they are not “Terrible Piece of Epicor Software”
I have used XL Connect successfully for years as well as AFR.

In terms of what the "best financial reporting tool’

That depends on your company. We use EFP and it works well for us

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I’ve worked with both applications and found no issues. Obviously different fits based on customer needs, both work just fine.

If you are struggling with the implementation please reach out to Epicor for assistance, the XL connect team will get you up and running.


I’ve worked with XL connect it works fine without any issues.
We had issues while setting up and giving access, Epicor helped us in resolving them.

In both situations they probably get a bit of a bad wrap because they are installed once and on a small scale, which means that the Admin gets limited exposure to the process. The users then expect them to know everything about it.

The installation process is typically not as simple as running the App installer and can take a bit of time for the unfamiliar to understand. Needless to say the misunderstood is shunned.

From my experience XL connect is better, but I have not touched AFR for a while (and I was on 9). Once things are setup in both situations things just hum along. It’s when things go wrong it can hurt, but that’s what Supports for.

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Is your company using EFP for budgeting and planning as well? Twice attempted without success.

Have you checked whether Std. Financial Report Designer meets the requirements?

@Arul, No.Standard Financial Report Designer does not meet our requirements.

Yes we are using EFP for Budgeting work great