All reports error out when printing on one user "ERROR: Unable to create device context."

Couldn’t find anything searching for this so here we go, This is only happening on one user and I’ve done a full strip and re-install of Epicor on that machine but it’s still displaying this issue.
When the user goes to print, sometimes they will get 1 or two reports to print fine but then it will error out in the system monitor and nothing will print after that. This is the error reported when she attempted to print a Sales Order Acknowledgment

ERROR: Run in preview mode from System Monitor for details. Unable to create device context. Error 0

I have been able to have the user just use the preview button and then print it from Adobe, or save the PDF depending on the action they were going to do, but I don’t understand why this is happening, and to only one person on top of that.

When trying to print a Job Traveler the error is different.

ERROR: Run in preview mode from System Monitor for details. StartDoc call failed. Error 122: The dat

The only other option that I can think of doing is a full Windows Profile rebuild, but I hate having to do that. It’s such a pain and time consuming.

Does this happen to the user on another PC? If so, then they should have their personalization purged.
If not, then delete their c:\programdata\epicor folder.

I have not attempted to move her to a different PC, that may be difficult to do, but I know it’s worth a shot. I’ve also already cleared out that machine of everything Epicor related as noted in my first post. Every folder related to Epicor was purged, including the ProgramData folder.

Having that person login to E10 on another users machine would show if it is a personalization.

Also try running those reports on her machine, but logged in as user that doesn’t have this issue.

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After multiple attempts to repair this, fully removing and reinstalling the printer drivers and software resolved the issue. Not sure why the drivers would only affect Epicor printing but either way it’s solved now.