Alternate Part Numbers in MRP supply/demand calculation

Is there anyway to get MRP to look at alternate part numbers when calculating supply against demand?


you have demand for part X of 100 , you have 80 on hand. part Y is an alternate of x and you have 100 on hand of part Y. MRP runs and doesn’t create a suggestion because you have enough inventory between the main part and the alternate part (80 +100) to satisfy the demand of the part. And the pick list would show the alternate part number.

Morning Craig (long time no see…)!

This is not a default functionality in Epicor. I’m working with a client now who has the same request, and my Development team is working on a customization to fulfill it. What they’ve run into is that this will make an MRP run take longer than it does now (extra processing), so the real gotcha is how big is your MRP time window?

I figured there wasnt an out of the box solution but i thought i would ask.
How much did it increase the run time?

We haven’t run it yet, still in the quoting stage. This client has a pretty large MRP window, and a typically short MRP run time, so we’re not that worried… but when I was talking it over with the Development folks that’s what they said would be the biggest limiting factor.