Amazon Storefront

We a company we bought they are a heavy users of Amazon FBA and FBM and wanted to see how others have integrated with them? I am thinking about how we might use our EDI platform but the company we are going to migrate to Epicor had a plug in through Fishbowl ERP that managed the orders, inventory and such.

Has anyone created or had a solution for Amazon FBA and Amazon FBM? I have looked at Automation Studio and they do not have something. I do feel we can use 1 EDI Source but not sure this is the right path yet. Thoughts on this community


Hi, have done this automation in epicor using amazon sp-api.

@prakash any recommendations as I do not have a developer with API skill set. I am going to look into this.

not much recommendation - the sp-api is amazon way forward for both seller central and vendor central as amazon MWS is deprecated. if you prefer, i could demo you (DM me).

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