AMM - Staging WIP

I want to be sure I have not missed anything.
I cannot seem to find a way to stage WIP.

So the scenario is I End Activity and Request Move.
I see the Request in the Material Queue. However, the next
operation's resource is running slow on another job and is not ready
for the WIP Material from this job so I need to stage it.

I process the MFG-OPR transaction from the Material Queue and I
change the TO WHSE & BIN to a staging location (not the next
operation's Resource Input WHSE & BIN). It does locate the WIP in
the staging whse & bin as I can see it in the Job Tracker-Part
Locations-WIP tab.

Where I struggle is then when the next operation's resource is ready
to begin that work I can ADJUST WIP, but I cannot designate WHERE
that material came from.

Am I just going crazy or is this a "GAP" with the software?

TIA for thoughts/suggestions.
Patty Buechler
UV Color