How to use Job staging bins?

We make lots of one-off assemblies, and use staging bins to group parts as they come in/finish until ready for final assembly.

I’d like to use built in staging bin functionality but am not seeing it… we do have AMM.

There is a “StagingBin” field on JobMtl. But I don’t see where this is set or how it is used.

When we do “Set to Location” on Mass Receipt, it wants to send all the parts directly to the Assembly resource group’s IN bin. This doesn’t work as we have dozens of jobs that we need to keep separate.

So is there a ootb way to have it stage to a specific bin? Or do I need to make BPMs etc?


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For others - Epicor support explained the staging bin & warehouse. They are pull-from bins set in Fulfillment Workbench. So not really “Staging”, that is a misnomer IMO. Looks like I’ll have to do something custom, similar to what @dchesney is looking to do.

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