And XKCD nailed it again


Reminds me of some personal Excel files used one time for a quick fix.
On a return visit, years later… my horror at finding the files had morphed into mission critical production tools.

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One of the first dashboards I made in Epicor 9 became the defacto source of truth for our customer service group for like 8 years, despite it being a slow, unintuitive, and junky mess. Frustrating to say the least, but it happens all the time! The first tool is the only tool lol

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In a former life, I created an adhoc report, a one time throw away report. I named it “Quick and Dirty”. People from other divisions would reach out and ask for info and I’d run the report and send it off. they loved it. You guessed it, it became the worldwide corporate standard across 21 divisions and got added to the main ERP menu. At some point IT re-named it so it no longer showed up as Quick and Dirty on the menu but if you looked at the code, that was its real name. One of my prouder moments. This was about 18 years ago and last I heard, it’s still in use.


Too perfect!

So great haha

Same here - also for the service group. Mine is called “Trucks.” Basically unchanged since about 2017.

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And then the guy who created it is gone and no one knows how to maintain that monster! Production engineers just love excell too much…
It happened to us, where we had to use that tool to better predict material use and the results were copied back into Epicor… :roll_eyes:

We finally spending some time and resources to automatize the whole process…without the excel file…

It was about time!