Angular Template for a Basic Epicor Web App Using Rest

@Mark_Wonsil suggested that someone should come up with a few templates for typical things users want to do with Epicor external apps. I had a bit of time last night so I have published a quick template / tutorial of how I would build an angular app to interact with an Epicor API.

I chose Angular because this is the same language / framework that Epicor Kinetic UX uses and it would be useful to learn it for most people who are going to be working in Epicor as FT Developers or Engineers.

If someone else has time I’d love to see similar for plain JS, React, .NET Core etc.
@hkeric.wci tag you are it!

Code is Available Here

I put quite a bit of work on the read me file to explain how to run it I also commented as much as possible. I am copying and pasting the read me below but I will not keep this post up dated as I make changes when people run into stuff the original read me in github will be updated. (though now that I think about it maybe I can Iframe it in here…

That’s too much work, just go to the github and look at the read me, the App I made in the template looks like this


And should work for anybody who has Epicor with Rest V2 out of the box.

If someone tries it out let me know how it goes and if you run into any issues.


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I could probably share my “Epicor Bridge” app (.NET Core) if anyone’s interested a “backend-for-frontend” app that @josecgomez helped me with a year or so ago.


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Alright, let me clean it up and I’ll make an article


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