Another task for improvment

This confused me when I first had a look at our Vantage 8 test installation. There seems to be
bits dotted all over Vantage 8 referring to the workflow/tasksets but yet we cannot use them
as we don't have CRM! Epicor were not at all clear as to whether we would have the
functionality or not befoer the install.

At least we can customize the screens to hide this redundant info

Currently, one can only get workflow capabilities if one purchases CRM. I
think that Epicor should split off the work flow modules
(tasks/tasksets/roles/etc.) as an individual product. There are many
opportunities for its use across the entire product line. Purchasing
requisitions would be much improved if one could use the work flow

(BTW, why can't one specify an account number on a purchase requisition? Many
times the requestor is buying on a budget and wants to make sure that the
correct account is hit for the purchase.)

Mark W.