Usability Suggestions

As part of our on-going monthly discussions with Epicor development,
marketing and support the Vantage Leadership Council is beginning a
discussion on usability issues in both Vantage and Epicor 9. To this
end, I am looking for specific examples, from all communities of users,
of where you feel the usability of the software is weak and needs to be

For example, in my organization we find the need to launch separate
windows to search for customers ids and supplier ids, etc to be a bit
overkill requiring far more keystrokes and mouse clicks than should be
necessary 95% of the time, we have suggested that a "google suggestions"
like tool might streamline lookups and improve user productive.

If there are places in the software where you feel that the screens are
too "programmerish" and not designed well for the task they are supposed
to be used for, please try to articulate the specific work-arounds you
need to go through and what you think could be improved. I realize that
personalization and customization can alleviate some of these issues,
but it would be helpful to get these considerations into the base
product wherever possible.

It is important that we keep this discussion constructive so our ideas
will be received well and in the spirit to help improve the software we
all use to run our businesses.

Thanks, I look forward to collecting and passing on all our ideas to

Mercer Sisson

VLC Coordinator

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Systems Manager
Insaco Inc
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