Any know why freight charges disapper when un shipping a Packing Slip

We are seeing this happen when we have a packing slip with miscellaneous shipping charges on it we click it shipped and for what ever reason we have to make an adjustment to the packing slip so we uncheck the shipped check box and our freight charges disappear.

Epicor suggested taking the default freight charge off the company configuration. We need that set as it is required for Quick Ship / Manifest.

We have an open ticket right now CS0001907578

they also suggested putting in a BPM as a work around to prevent the deleting not sure how to tackle that a the moment.

We found this was happening too.

It’s been a while but I’m almost positive (you may want to test) what we did was create ANOTHER Misc Code for shipping. Then you can keep your existing default freight charge in Company Configuration, but when someone is manually adding misc charges onto the pack, have them use the secondary code.

It is working as designed because it’s trying to be helpful. It’s pulling the changes in the event that if you re-ship it pricing and tracking number may have changed. What we did here was added a “Manifest Freight” charge that is the default for manifest. Used a GetList BPM to hide it from everyone in the system so no one could manually use it. Then for any other shipments not using Manifest (like our LTL or FedEx, we only use manifest for UPS) they use a “Freight” misc charge and Epicor leaves it alone because it’s not the one define at the company level for manifest.

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That is what we did but other way around. We created a new one for manifest only so the users could use the same one they always used, as far as they are concerned nothing changes it just behaves the way they expect it to.

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Do you have examples of your BPM that was used to hide the Default ship code.

thanks for the help I used this BPM to filter that information below.

ShipVia How to Inactivate