Any Users of "Social Enterprise - Advanced" (i.e. Epicor Social)?

I’m curious if there are any users of the advanced version of Epicor Social out there. I have heard bits and pieces about it that lead me to believe it may have some potential, but I have yet to hear from any actual users.

As I understand it, we should be able to tag certain records like a Job or Sales Order and receive updates anytime there is an update or transaction associated with that record. We’d like to have certain groups notified when a job arrives from subcontract, a final inspection op closes, or a part ships, etc.

I’m curious how configurable it is in terms of applying logic to selections.

Any comments are much appreciated.


Couple of things about social notifications:

  1. the are notifications not tasks - they are guaranteed to generated, but not guaranteed to be noticed - if it is business critical and requires user action you need a different process or formal process around watching for them.
  2. There are simple and complex notifications:
    a) simple - you can say Field X has Changed, increased, Decreased etc… for a single table this is in the UI and is intended mostly for quick and easy notifications that any user can configure.
    b) there are complex notifications: There is a notify me action in a BPM and you have the full complexity of the ability to go down logic branches and look up any data you want to decide when to fire the notifications
  3. notifications are self service:
    a) I as a manager do not FORCE people to receive them. I can create the notification and individual users can decide if they wish to subscribe or not - social is very self service not top down enforcement. (see #1)

I do not have any customers to point you to - I don’t have that direct access, but I know they are out there, you may not to your Epicor contact in sales to see if they can put you in contact with someone using the advanced features.