Anybody successfully used the Discourse API to mine forum data?

Been reading through the Discourse docs a bit as I’m looking at creating an internal corporate community to get people helping each other. Not so much with “Epicor” as with “Ranger’s use of Epicor” and onboarding people who have never used Epicor before.

I was trying to see if you could use API calls to expose all topics marked “Solved” to pull them into a sort of KB, and then I thought of this forum and came down with a serious case of nerd chills.

@jgiese.wci @josecgomez @hasokeric ?

You can already search by solved topics… so what’s your end goal?

I don’t have any experience with any APIs for Discourse sorry! Not sure Jose will either. A quick search I didn’t see a way to get just topics marked solved. I would hunt around on the forum and even post there. They are generally pretty helpful.

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I guess create an index of solved topics on, maybe pull the topic headlines into a browsable list.

yes true

sorry got all excited for a moment there and forgot myself

I know a guy but he probably doesn’t have experience with the discourse api yet. :grin:

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I have used the API for a few things its a nice REST API plenty of documentation online. You can already search for solved topics though without a need for an API.

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well :poop:


Now I just feel silly.