Anyone here using Office 365 as their Epicor mail service?

Hey everyone,

I have noticed that Office 365 has a limit of 30 emails per minute. We have recently switched to Office 365 and I am not sure what will happen with our routing emails where 100s of invoices or statements get sent to clients emails. Is it going to fail after it reaches the limit of 30 or is it going to queue the rest and send them within a period of time?

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Use a bulk SMTP service like SendGrid or Mailgun. They don’t have send limits and they have some added features that are nice when sending bulk email.


Yeah, exactly. We use SMTP2GO and it has been basically set-it-and-forget-it

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You can set a receive connector that has no limits on O365 rather than have a logon account.

Once you go over you are in 24 hours of no email. We did it once and it was not fun.

We use it with an on prem relay that then has a connector to office 365. Works slick!


Take a gander at this goose my accomplice posted Multilple E-mails without anonymous authentication - #20 by EarlGrei

I just used the pay-for SMTP Relay for a client and it works well. However, I still encouraged the client to issue an enhancement request to throttle outbound emails. Since Epicor is a Microsoft Partner, I would expect E10 to play nice with O365…

Most mailers throttle to prevent abuse. The best solution is usually to just host an Exchange relay on-premise, with its own SMTP server for internal use only. You can also set it up on whatever third party web site host you are paying…