Anyone using ECM for Engineering Documentation?

Not even sure if it can be used for this. Instead of purchasing a separate system for PLM, can ECM be used for the control of drawings and models? Even if it is not meant to, anyone out there doing it anyways?

It’s on the to-do list.

They have these things called collections? Or something? I am drawing a blank.

You would build out this skeleton of documents that make up your “SOP” collection and so you have a bunch of individual documents that make up a SOP. And each one can be revisioned individually, etc.

Rod Silvers could elaborate

how would you connect this to the CAD system?
The benefit of most PLMs is the ability to check in and out the CAD model from the CAD software

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Yeah. I wasn’t talking PLM in my example, I was thinking like machine manuals, training documents, etc.

PLM would be a different animal.

And you can’t point the CAD to ECM when opening files?

Im not sure. i dont have the ECM module. Looking at it to replace our current document management software though.
We do use Profile PLM and are currently migrating to Solidworks Manage PLM

The simple answer is Yes - the complicated answer is ‘depends on how complicated’ you get. If you have the ECM API license, and the other software has an API, there is a decent chance you can do what you want with it as far as connecting/manipulating documents.

Well, that in itself is kind of a complicated answer. Since ECM’s job is to secure/protect documents, they aren’t just lying about in an easy-to-get-to format. We’ve figured out a way to generate a URL IF you know the document GUID, and a bit more of the API stuff would be easy now with Workato. You’d really be better with an API interface to do it easily, or some SQL/C# scripting capability would work.

Happy to answer more specific questions if you have some.