AP Advance Billings in 4.0

Help! Can anybody please tell me how they are doing AP advance billings in
4.0 since our method that we used in 3.0 does not work?

A few months ago I asked the group a question about AP Advance Billings in
Vantage. Basically, how to do them, how to keep track of them, etc., since
Vantage's Advance Billing feature doesn't work properly. That was when we
were on 3.0 and we got a very good workaround. The workaround was to do the
advance billing, having the $$ hit a specified pre-payment account. Then,
when we receive the item and get the final payment, we leave the unit cost
as the total and do a negative misc. charge for the prepayment amount,
taking the money out of the prepayment account. All was great. We kept
track of it through user-reports.

HOWEVER, with 4.0, if we follow the SAME procedure, the final invoice
generates a purchase adjustment (it did not do this in 3.0). So, if we buy
something for $20,000, and pay $10,000 up front, when we receive it, $20,000
hits the job. However, then when we invoice and do the misc. charge to
account for the advance payment, an adjustment for -$10,000 is created, so
every job has incorrect $$. They are showing more profits than we actually
have. I spoke with Vantage Tech support and they realize that this worked
in 3.0, but due to changes they made in 4.0, it does not work anymore.
However, they told me they fixed it in 5.0 and are not going to fix it in
4.0. Since we just went on 4.0 a month and a half ago, I doubt we will be
going to 5.0 anytime soon (especially since it's not even released yet!).

They gave me a work around of doing one unreceived invoice for the whole
amount and paying 1/2 of it at the time of the advance billing and half at
the time of the final payment. However, then we would be paying the same
invoice for both payments and this won't work for us because we receive two
different invoices from our vendor and they have to be referenced. Any
thoughts would be greatly appreciated!



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