AP automation invoice total rounding

If you have pricing that is at 3 or more decimal places you need to have rounding setup in the Currency Master. There is also some confusion about where the total rounding is applied. It says sales, but is also used for AP.

Example 815 FT at .635 per foot is 517.525, but the invoice is for 517.30 so the Read invoice Integration returns a variance of .005 that has no way to ever be resolved from ECM.

Without rounding AP Invoice entry it is a pain, but in AP automation it is a workflow stopper.


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That’s interesting. Surprised to see that I was unable to modify the decimals in extended properties. Thought I had done that in the past.

Good catch Greg. We have 5 decimal qty’s and 5 currencies - I’ve found that it is best to make sure you have rounding turned on if anything you do is more than two decimals. Somewhere in the system a decimal qty is associated with $$ sooner or later!

@MikeGross I didn’t even know rounding existed which is why I posted this so anyone having AP automation issues with variances can hopefully not struggle. I also asked DS to add this to their implementation guide.

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