Can I force Epicor to ALWAYS round up in Quote Entry?

Hello all,

I am trying to train our engineers to use “Opportunity and Quote Entry” to enter their quotes.

It seems that our engineers ALWAYS ROUND UP when it comes to setup price per qty break and also on the final price once commission is added, REGARDLESS of how conventional rounding would handle the number. i.e. $1.4712 needs to be rounded up to $1.48.

Are there any defaults related to quoting that might allow this to happen behind the scenes? Our engineering boss is very put off by not having direct control over rounding.



There are rounding setting based on currency. But that might affect more stuff than you want to.


As I thought. They may just have to pad their quotes with a couple extra cents if they see fit. I’m gonna let this one lie. Thank you for your help.

Depending on how big of a stink it is for them, this is probably something that could be done with a BPM… any time price changes from any to other, round it up…

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I like this idea. That might be something to explore. Thank you!

An In-Tran Data Directive that tweaks the value using the formula


That rounds Up to 2 decimals.

1.2300 -> 1.2300
1.2301 -> 1.2400
1.2349 -> 1.2400
1.2399 -> 1.2400

Just change the 100m (2 places) to the adjust the number of decimals.

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Awesome info! Thank you. I will try this.