AP Bank Reconciliation Question?

We are migrating from Epicor 9.05.702A to E10.1.600.5

The Bank reconciliation process completely changed. I used to be able to download all the AP checks that cleared from our bank and then mass upload them via Paste update in E9. But now, i don’t even know where to begin. We don’t have direct import with our bank. we used to just download csv file and then manually upload to Bank Rec.
Is there a mass paste update process for Clearing AP checks in E10? all i saw was creating a new statement and in the “Statement Workbench”, manually check off each check one by one to be matched? and then finally posting statement. We have hundreds of checks per month, so this process will be extremely inefficient and prone to error because of scanning for which checks to clear among hundreds, not to mention AR cash receipts are also co-mingled in the Statement Workbench. Is there a way to mass update and clear AP checks?