AP Invoice BAQ - can't find this field


I am having trouble finding the table/field for the GL account on an invoice line. I am using table APInvDtl trying to pull the field highlighted below

Try the TranGLC table. The key structure of that is it has a “Related To File”, which would be something like APInvDtl or APInvExp, and then the Key1, Key2, Key3, etc are values based on the file type. There’s a good chance Key1 is the VendorNum, Key2 is InvoiceNum, Key3 is InvoiceLine. I usually have to figure it out with some BAQ’s.

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Thank you Kevin. I tried this and just couldn’t get the data to line up, so I did it the tedious manual way. I appreciate your suggestion though as I might be able to apply this to other issues.