AP Refund Query


Asking for a friend… I’m IT not Finance, so don’t quite know the Epicor way to best achieve this. Finance Manager has used other systems that allow what he’s asking - does Epicor, or should it be done a different way please.

If we receive a refund from a supplier, that we don’t plan to purchase from again soon and therefore cannot use to reduce a future payment, how to best transact that on Epicor?


I guess you could create a dummy AP invoice, with the expenditure GL account set as the Cash GL account. Then use Apply Debit Memo?

Or would you use AP Adjustment, set the balance to 0 on that Debit Memo and then set the GL account as the cash account? That wouldn’t work if you’ve set the Cash control account to be restricted for manual posting?


If you don’t have any outstanding debit note, then receive the refund using AR Misc. receipt. But if you would like to track the transactions against the supplier, then create Debit Note and adjust the balance using Adjustment Entry with account code same as Misc. Cash Receipt.

In order to affect the bank balance (not only gl balance of the bank general ledger account) you will need to enter the refund by ar module or bank adjustment.