API and user license

We are using an outside application and calling Epicor API’s. Does this consume a user license?

Technically yes
Effectively no

It’s so instantaneous that I’ve never captured it happening.

I have been tracking our license usage every 30 seconds since last May and in all that time I have yet to see an API call use even one license.

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I am sure one of our developers mentioned using a Data only user for all connections, reach out if you need more info

Good point; cheap data-only licenses exist. (“Web Service”?) There are ways to call that specific license type in the headers to ensure that it is what is used. We do this.

could you provide more information on this please?

Epicor provides various licenses for Kinetic. Here is an example from Jose of all that are available:

The most expensive license is the Default/Office license. It can do everything. The web service license is the next one that can do anything. The last time I purchased one, the first three were only slightly less expensive than an Default/Office license. After that however, they got much cheaper. A Web Service license is throttled so you can’t just buy one and expenct to run all your users on it. Details elsewhere on the forum. The Data Collection license is the least expensive, but the command set is limited to only what you can do in MES.

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