API for FedEx shipments in Epicor

We’re manually entering shipping details into FedEx website from Epicor in order to print shipping lables. This is very time consuming and prone to errors. Given the huge user base of Epicor and FedEx, I assume there’s an interface (API) between these two platforms. Worst case, perhaps a scheduled FTP file transfer can be setup between the platforms. We’re just looking for some way to automate this process.

Please reply if you’re aware of an API such as this.

Thank you,

we are currently using Epicor Manifest for this on our end. creates labels and everything need to ship domestically and internationally


We use Epicor Manifest as well.

Epicor offers a couple out of the box solutions… epicor manifest does a good job with common carriers, but I think it could be better with international and Ltl.

There is one other I’ve seen before too, but its integration is not quite as seemless… you need to have apps open in the background.

I have hooked up with ups via api before to get shipping quotes. The programming side was easy, but ups was not very helpful and their api was poor at the time. Haven’t tried FedEx.

Andrew Fagan

Epicor Quick Ship 1.0 is now available, for Epicor ERP releases 10.1.500 and later, and is designed to provide a simpler interface to FedEx and UPS than their Epicor Manifest module.