Shipping Issues

This is my first time really heading out into the Shipping side, and I have a few questions.

Currently our set up has Epicor doing the UPS, a separate FedEx piece to ship FedEx with us inputting the tracking numbers in Epicor, and the USPS with Endicia and us inputting Tracking numbers.

Is the Epicor setup able to do all three of these and do automatic shipment notifications to customers?

If not, what are some good alternatives? I do not like have three separate programs working together when there has to be something that will do all three and integrate with Epicor.

Lastly, when we ship to Canada if it is over a certain weight it has to be multipack, which is a different price for us. Can Epicor handle this distinction as well?

Epicor has its own add-on module, Insite Manifest, that can handle UPS and FedEx very nicely, and it also integrated with Endicia.

There is another third-party module called AgileShip that (as far as I know) Epicor offers as well. It is basically a go-between for Epicor and each shippers’ own software.

Setup for both can be a little tricky, but once done they are pretty reliable.

I don’t have experience with your shipping to Canada, but perhaps someone else does…

We use Epicor Manifest and we are satisfied with it. It allows us to ship UPS, USPS (Endicia) and FedEx.

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So it appears, Epicor’s chosen setup path is to use Endicia for USPS and the others in Insite Manifest. Interesting. I’ll dig deeper, but when it comes to FedEx shipping to Canada it is a nightmare.

We use Manifest to ship UPS and FedEx globally. Once you have it setup it works pretty good. Manifest provides needed commercial invoice, SLI, NAFTA invoice for Canada and other shipping documents for international shipments. It can also be hooked up to AES. We have used Manifest since 2012 and have had very little problems with it.

Hi @kfierce. Do you know if Manifest supports multi-currency on Commercial Invoice reports? We recently started using Manifest, got the basic configuration and tested some reports. We noticed that even though our Sales Order is in EUR the Commercial Invoice would show USD. The conversion from EUR to USD is correct but, we need to show EUR amount there or any currency based on Sales Order and not USD.

I took a quick look at Manifest database and found that all Currencies fields are empty. It looks like it doesn’t come over from Epicor into Manifest. We most likely missing some config step.

I am not sure on that one. We are setup with one customer in AUD, however we are ok with the paperwork converting the order amount to USD and show as USD on the commercial invoice.

Maybe check with manifest support if they support multi currency from customer or order on their paperwork.

Hi Kristine,

Thank you so much for your reply. Yeah, Manifest support said that’s multi currency is not supported. We had to go and customize all Commercial Invoices in order to get proper currencies and related amounts shown.

Epicor manifest can integrate with UPS, FedEx, and USPS, they have added other carriers like CanPar for Canadian customers. LTL Carriers can be added as well. Manifest supports international shipments and will print international paperwork (nafta, commercial invoices, HAZMAT), these forms are Crystal and are customizable.
UPS and FedEx integrate using the carriers API, USPS requires an Endicia account for billing.

Manifest supports shipping from multiple plants (called facilities) within a single company. You can also configure additional companies within Manifest. (I’ve used both configurations- yes at the same time).

Licensing is ala carte. license each carrier, international capabilities, number of workstations, sites, companies.
After working with several manifest customers, some of them have been confused about the number of workstation licenses they need, carefully review with the Manifest team.

Manifest can be difficult to install and configure, if you but this please use the Manifest team for training, install, and configuration.

If you are considering this product, review all of your shipping processes carefully, there are a few limitations in the UPS API which can be worked around if identified during the implementation process.

Quickship is a new product which is basically manifest, and supports UPS and FedEx (not sure about USPS) and is easy to configure within Epicor. I belive there is no support for international shipments. I am reviewing this product now and hope to have a full understanding soon.

The Manifest team has expanded their support team, Super Dave gets to take a breather once in while now! The rest of the team is extremely knowledgable on this product. They have been aggressive in adding functionality, I’m due for some updates from them.


Good Info

At the Iowa Users Group last week Jimmy Baehr shared Quick Ship Pro with us. This new version includes both domestic and international carriers. The licensing continue like described above.

The biggest change is that Quick Ship Pro is a web app and are getting the new look and feel of Epicor. This new version allows you to install and configure it yourself, no more waiting for the awesome support team. Don’t get me wrong the support team is great, but it is nice to not have to wait for them to install a new version when you upgrade.

Quick Ship Pro is a web app just as Quick Ship was in the past. I have been beta testing it for a couple of months now and I like the look and feel. It is easy to use and more and more information is located in Epicor instead of in Manifest or both.


@kfierce, How does the price compare?

@Mark_Wonsil - We haven’t done the price comparison yet

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