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Hello All,

In many videos I have heard it mentioned that app studio has built in help with some resources?

Can anyone confirm what type of help there is?

Can we see this help if we are not on Kinetic?

There are a LOT of 38+ Videos in Epicor Learning Center

I don’t know if you have access to that yet if you aren’t part of the CR or the Cloud Pilot but yes there is a lot of help. (There’s 38 of these)

Also Epicor Help itself within the application has a lot of Articles too

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I swear I just went in there the other day and couldn’t find anything!

I will try again today. What filters (if any) did you use to search for those videos in the ELC?

I would love to see these videos! Our pilot has been updated to kinetic. Does that mean I should be able to see these? I don’t see a link to Epicor Learning Center in my epicweb site.

“What’s New” everything shows up under What’s New but again not sure if you would have access with CR or Cloud Pilot (yet)

Epicor Learning Center (form EpicWeb)


I found it! Unfortunately, the Application Studio is not listed there.

Yeah this is all I have.

I don’t understand, is this for only privileged parties? Do we have to pay for something more?


Anything under What’s New?

There are things under what’s new, but nothing about app studio.

I’m assuming unless you are part of CR or Beta you won’t see those education pieces. @amelton can you confirm/deny that?

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We’re on prem and don’t have access to these either.


I was hoping to study up on things so I could ask better questions at insights.

Once it goes GA in June you will all get access. (before insights) I would guess

I hope so! Thanks for your help Jose.

Hi all,
I’ve been heading up the Application Studio training and documentation so I will summarize in this post.
If you are working in 10.2.700, you have the Application Studio Help topics accessed from the ? icon when you are in App Studio. It pops you into a Welcome topic but if you use breadcrumbs at top of topic you will get view of all App Studio help topics (we are fixing this to be default view soon). There are three walkthrough style sections which are essentially training, and can be followed if you are using the demo db.
At 2021.1 GA, the official Application Studio training will appear in Epicor Learning Center for all who have the Education license. The Application Studio training is also an example of our evolution of the classic “embedded education.” Now called “Hands-on” inside ELC, the step-by-step training is still HTML but it launches from ELC and it is compliant with the learning management system so it is assignable, and trackable. The new hands-on content is organized alongside the video “training on demand” content in units called Agendas. The idea is that the videos cover concepts which are then practiced in hands-on courses.
There are three Application Studio agendas - Core Concepts, Basic UI Modification and Extending UI Modification. They all are collections of video and hands-on training. A lot of cross-functional work went on (Epicor University, Professional Services and Development) to produce these courses and we are very eager to have them consumed and commented on. When you close any course in ELC there is a Feedback link. Please use this to pass along your comments (you can use to request something you see as missing as well). You can assign Agendas to people in your organization and the courses will appear in their My Assignments area in their ELC home page.
Also at 2021.1 GA you will see a greatly expanded Application Studio help (again access from ? in App Studio, or just type Application Studio into main Kinetic help). It will include a section on the tooling that examines your unique business components and provides the roadmap for migrating the the UBC items to work in Kinetic/Application Studio.
Please feel free to tag me with any questions on Application Studio training or documentation.
Charlie Lloyd
Director, Epicor University | Framework and Tools
Epicor Software Corp.


Thank you @clloyd

One other note- Professional Services will be offering an instructor-led course (delivered online with vm images) for Application Studio at GA (you will be able to register on ELC), and there are extended ed sessions for Application Studio development as part of Insights as well.

Thank you @clloyd !