App Studio - Grid Column Addition Issues

I am attempting to add the JobMtl.TotalCost column to the Materials Landing Grid in Job Tracker and experiencing weird results.

I am displaying this column in the Classic UI as shown below.

I was hoping TotalCost would just be hidden in Personalization in the Kinetic UI, but it wasn’t listed. I created a new Layer, found the Materials Landing Page, Edit, highlighted the grid, went to Data > Grid Model > Columns and added the TotalCost column as described in the Epicor Learning Center Course ‘My First Layer in Application Studio’ with properties entered as shown below.

When I preview the layer, my Total Cost column does not appear.

The only way I can get the column to appear is to change the Field property to be JobMtl.TotalCost

As you can see from the screen shot above, the field is blank to the particular Job I entered in Job Tracker. I checked the JobMtl table for the Job and there should be an amount displayed. I have tried varying combinations in Properties for this field and it does not populate.

I checked under DataViews for JobMtl and the field is listed under Columns, so I’m assuming I don’t need to create a dataview and event to have this field populate?

This is only the 5th Customization I’ve recreated in App Studio so I’m still learning, but I feel like this should be easy; what did I miss?

Thanks in advance.

I think your logic and set-up are good. I just tried to recreate it and also could not get it to display. Perhaps should report it as a bug?

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I thought the setup was okay, but it didn’t make sense that following the course would not allow the column to appear, but adding the table name allowed it to appear.

My next stop was support, but I wanted to check in here first since this is all so new. Thanks for checking and confirming it didn’t work for you as well.

Quick update for those interested.

I opened a support ticket on this issue and they were able to reproduce the issue in 2023.2.14 (I am on 2023.2.11). They are going to write a PRB and submit it to development.

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