Application error after adding UD fields in Trackers

This is our first time adding new UD fields to a tracker screen since upgrading to Kinetic 2022.2.9 and connecting via (on-prem) Azure. Some users are receiving error message when they open the tracker screen. Error example - BinNConfigureControls,- Exception caught in: Ice.Lib.EpiClientLib
In the past, we would encourage users to Clear Client Cache and to make sure they are opening the tracker from the menu tree and not from Favorites. This is not working anymore since Kinetic 2022.2.9 It does not clear the error. It is acting as if the most recent version of that tracker is not opening up. We also delete the user’s Personalizations, but that did not make a difference.

Did you regenerate the data model and recycle the app pool?

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Yes, we did a regen and app pool cycling.

Is your table in sync?
Are you able to see the column in a BAQ?
Is it spelled properly?

yes. I ran through these points again to verify each. Thank you.

Is Part.BL_SOW_c a bit/bool type?

And Part.BL_SOW_c is defined as a Boolean data type?

yes, a bit/bool type

Some users get the error, while others don’t. Almost seems like a cache thing.

I am having some success since working on this today. Initially I updated the Customization on my local install. (since some BPMs won’t compile (Transaction.Scope error) on our Azure via virtual machines). But today I went through Remote Desktop (through azure vm; as all our users do) and resaved Part Tracker. I am waiting for more user feedback, but so far a few users have no more error. I am still learning idiosyncrasies of our new kinetic setup. I appreciate the feedback!


It ended up being one of the app servers did not have Data Model synced.
Which is why some users were not experiencing the errors.