Application Studio: Any way to change the current plant?


In Classic Customizations (Job Entry, MES, etc.), I often programmed to open an Epicor Menu while changing my current session to another plant. So , for example in the MES I had buttons for Start Production (Plant 1) and Start Production (Plant 2) that would be compatible with all jobs of said plant. It was a way to save a lot of time instead of changing the plant every time

However, i can’t seem to find any way to do this in Application Studio so far. I tried:

  • In an event, the session-set only has employeeId available to change

  • In an event, if I put a row-update on CallContextClientData.CurrentPlant it doesn’t change anything

I know that I can call a function that can then change the plant but for this particular case, I’m trying to open a menu on the client side so it’s not the same thing

Still looking for a way. Any idea if it’s even possible?

in 2023 you can pass plan as part of the URL to switch it.

Another option is to invoke a function and use temporary session creator

The problem is that I want to change the plant in the client side because I need to open the ‘Start Production Activity’ menu with another plant

I know that I can call a function and then change the plant from the server side before I do my calls but the only thing that I’m trying to bypass is the ‘Job does not belong to the current site’ error when selecting a job before a user try to punch his hours

We have modified the classic MES screen to have one button for each plant so whatever the current plant of the session is, users can easily open the menu that they want

Same thing before ending an activity. The End Activity button has been changed and will automatically change the current plant for the job plant so the user doesn’t have to think about what is the current plant or changing the plant of the account they are logged into