Application Studio Get Selected Value from Grid

Hi, so I have a panel and Grid, This Grid can be selected. I want when my Row is selected it will update the field in the panel. I add some fields in the data view and use that field for the view in my panel. What should I add here so I can get the data selected from the grid? I want to sum all the quantities later.

I’m kinda lost here, what component should I create in the Application studio?

So, I got this working to what I think is your intention, but you’ll have to let me know.

Here’s the working iteration:

I created a new Event called “ClickTest” and made the trigger be of Type DataView, Hook Row Changed, and Target NewView (This will be the view bound to your grid).

Within the event, I added a condition node to check if TransView.SumOfProjectIDs was created yet. Since TransView is a runtime view and that field is one I made up, then it will have to be initialized before you can do stuff.

Off of the TRUE node, the condition is TransView.SumOfProjectIDs is equal to undefined which means it’s not created yet. In that case, I just set it to the ProjectID to create it. The ProjectID is a string, which is why I have the parseInt. I was just using what I had available on the screen already.

Finally, off of the FALSE node, I have it add the change to the value already in TransView.SumOfProjectIDs.

Lemme know if this is what you had in mind.


Hi @hmwillett, thanks for your answer this is exactly what I’m trying to do. I do notice that I don’t have an Expression option in my parameter Only JSON Value maybe I will update my Epicor first to 2021.2 Version first. how can I find Documentation for the Application the resource Documentation from Kinetic Help and EpicWeb is not that depth. And do you have an example for creating logic for the button? is the code similar to the bpm?

Ah yes, I do believe they added that in .2. Update if you can, otherwise, you may need to use a function.

Meh–the help is really lacking, but it’s improved in .2. I don’t have much advice here. A lot of what I know has been from trial-and-error or reverse engineering something Epicor already did by looking at their server files which is only possible if you’re on-prem.

Just click the Behavior node in the Properties. It will generate the event for you.

hi @hmwillett, thanks again this is very helpful for me. After the update now I can see the expression option in my parameter, now I can try this in my environment.

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hi @hmwillett, I know it’s been a long time. But I wonder can we use this on LandingPage. I don’t know why my event is never triggered. I tried to add dialog to check if my event run but the dialog never shows up. My event is just like exactly the example you gave. It’s On Row Changed and the data view is LandingPage on UD02 Form